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Rounded Rectangle: The Appleton Library Show         fhada.com

Ive started to prepare for my exhibit of panorama photography at the Appleton Public Library from November 2 December 30, 2009. I have made my 95% final selections for the library show. To see what it will look like see the mock up I made to figure out the printing size and location of all the photos. Each photo will have an information sheet showing the pictures used to make the final image and some information about the picture. Send comments to me at frank@fhada.com. Here are the final selections. Visit the show to see them in their full size and detail.

Wisconsin State Capital Interior, Madison Wisconsin I took a panorama photograph of this a few years ago and just didnt get the entire photograph in the picture to really show off the beauty of the room. I was back in Madison for the day and took the same photo again. To maximize the view I took two vertical panoramas with 10 photos in total to make this really wide angle vertical panorama. Notice how the angle of the building is distorted by the camera angle at the top of the photo. I removed some of this distortion from the panorama. People are blurred from the 8 second exposure. Actually, if a person is walking at a normal pace you wont even see them in the picture!

Madison Capitol Building, July 2009, wide view, smallSaturn V Rocket Panorama, v3, small.jpgMadison Capitol Building, July 2009, wide view, montage, small

Saturn V Rocket Panorama, v3, montage, small.jpgText Box: Saturn V Rocket, Cape Space Center, Florida  The first time I went to Cape Kennedy in 1994 this Saturn V rocket was sitting at the side of the road.  The bus stopped and you could go and take a look at it.  Now they have built a building for it and the display is great.  You can see how all the different parts work and how it goes together with informative displays along the length of it.  Its huge.  This is the business end of the first stage that got the rocket off the pad.  With the Apollo spacecraft on top it stood 363 feet (111 m) tall and without the fins on the lower section it was 33 feet (10 m) in diameter. Fully fueled it had a total mass of 6.5 million pounds  meaning that the 5 engines in the picture needed at least this amount of thrust just to lift it off the pad.  Apollo 4  17 and Skylab were all lifted into space with this type of rocket, including Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing.


PortoVenere, v2, JLB, montage, small

Portovenere, Italy This is a photo taken by my friend and travelling colleague, Jim Baggot, from the castle at the top of the hill in Portovenere. The island on the other side of channel is Isola Palmaria. This city is the departure point for Cinque Terre, five villages on the Ligurian coast that are best reached by water or by hiking. You can have an absolutely stunning hike between the villages with the Mediterranean Sea in sight most of the time. I particularly like the view you get of Vernazza during the hike. Its a very common scene to see on calendars. This scene of Portovenere was taken with a point and shoot camera with each picture at a resolution of about 2 MP. Adding all the images together makes a high resolution image.

Kohala Peninsula, small.jpg

DSC_3490Kohala Peninsula montage, small

Kohala Peninsula, Big Island of Hawaii It is surprising to find out that one of the largest and oldest ranches in the USA is in Hawaii. Spreading approximately 135,000 acres (550 km2) or about 5% of the land area of the island, Parker Ranch occupies a large part of the Kohala peninsula of Hawaii. Founded in 1847 by John Palmer Parker, the land for the Parker Ranch was a gift of King Kamehameha I for ridding the island of wild bulls. These bulls were descendants of five head of longhorn cattle given by British Captain George Vancouver to Kamehameha I as a gift in 1793. These cattle had multiplied into the 1000s in just 21 years and had become dangerous and feral. This view of the Parker Ranch is from the main road going from Waimea to the end of the Kohala peninsula. Here is a picture of us looking at the scene at the side of the highway. The green of the fields is contrasted nicely by the blue of the ocean, with a few cows sprinkled on top to add some scale.