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Ive started to prepare for my exhibit of panorama photography at the Appleton Public Library from November 2 December 30, 2009. Ive started to narrow down my selections for the show you can see at the Library Preview page. Here are some of my other favorite panorama pictures from my travels. My definition of a panorama is a photograph that has been assembled from many parts. Each of the pictures below is from more than one photograph. Can you find the seams?

Mt St Helens Panorama, View 2, v1

Mount St. Helens It was amazing to hike around the volcano and see the evidence of devastation from the eruption in 1980 and also to see how the plant life has been recovering. This is a view from the main hiking trail along the ridge from the Johnson Ridge Observatory.

Fjallbacka Panorama

Fjllbacka, Sweden This is a great little town on the Atlantic coast of Sweden and a favorite haunt of Ingrid Bergman.