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Here are some of my favorite links some of them already mentioned on other pages.

General Links

All kinds of information on the Appleton area is well organized on Jeff Lindsay's webpage.Iím getting an idea of how much work he put into his web site.

Iím a great fan of wikipedia.org and use it for all kinds of research and getting some quick information.Isnít it great that all kinds of contributors add to the content all the time?You can help out by donating money to keep is going or you can help out by adding to the articles that are there.Check out my additions to the article on Gumi, South Korea.I added information on Geumo Mountain.

A great feature of Appleton is the Appleton Public Library. It's linked to an amazing number of libraries in the area and you can order books from any one of them.Please have longer hours!!

Iím a member of the Little Chute Community Band.We play a Christmas concert every year and a series of concerts at the Little Cute band shell in Doyle Park and at local nursing homes in the summer.Come to our concerts or better yet volunteer to play with us.We are always looking for new members.

Iím a member of the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.See the web site for more information.It is a great, welcoming congregation open to many different ways of thinking.

Photography Links

If you need detailed information on what type of camera to get there is excellent in-depth reviews at www.dpreview.com.

I use Nikon equipment and am generally very happy with it. I get my photo equipment at B&H Photo in New York, New York and at Murray Photo in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Real portrait photographers in the area are Jackie Boyd and Joel Stensberg.George Petrasko is a great nature photographer.Check out their work!

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