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Here are some of my favorite prints that I offer for sale. For information please send an email to info@fhada.com.

Landscapes Ė I like landscapes a lot, mainly because you can pause and assess what you really want to capture.Here are some landscapes you might like.You will notice that Iceland is featured heavily in these pictures.I just love it there.The scenery is majestic and ever changing.Itís hard to take a bad shot (if the weather cooperates!)

Pictured Rocks National Seashore, Upper Chapel Falls

Geumo Mountain Provincial Park, South Korea, Lower DaeHye Falls

Travel Photography Ė You have to get the mandatory tourist shots, but the trick is finding that shot nobody else did.I looked over the National Geographic photo contest winners one year and noticed that I had stood in exactly the same spot as the winning photographer.I didnít look down to get the great reflection off the water.